Welcome to Sushi’s English Goldens! 

We are home to responsibly raised, high quality English Golden Retrievers & English Goldendoodles. We are located in Northern Indiana & are dedicated to breeding genetic tested healthy parents. Our Golden Retriever & Goldendoodle puppies are healthy, extremely social, have wonderful personalities, wonderful temperaments & love to cuddle!  We believe we have the perfect puppy for you & your family!

We have 5 Female English Golden Retriever puppies Available!


Meet our Families!

~Read more about us in Our Story~

Evan, Heaven & Everleigh Garner (Owners of Sushi’s Goldens)

~F1 English Goldendoodles & English Golden Retrievers~

Lee, Jaimene, Paxton, Briggs, Gage & Cole Garner (Evan’s Brother & Family)

~English Golden Retrievers~

Brett & Monica Garner (Evan’s Parents)

~F1b English Goldendoodles~

Meet Sugar

Sugar is a gorgeous English Golden Retriever! She is so friendly and sweet! Sugar is very intelligent and learns quickly, she is great around other dogs and cats also! We love her very much and love having her in our lives! She is one of Evan, Heaven & Everleighs dogs.


Meet Yaffa (Hebrew “Beautiful”)

Yaffa is a Blue Merle F1 English Goldendoodle. She is an offspring of Sushi & Max. Yaffa is highly intelligent, quick learner, obedient, has a great temperament and gets along well with all humans and animals. She loves to run around outside and play with the kids in the family as well as LOVES to go down to the creek and play in the water. She enjoys riding up front on car rides and always ready to GO GO GO


Meet Violet

Violet is an AKC English Golden Retriever and is one of our sweet and kind females, she loves to lay beside you and snuggle. She is so gentle with our boys and loves to join in on any adventure and fun she can. Violet is one of Lee & Jaimene’s family dogs.


Meet Malka (Hebrew “Queen”)

Malka is Solid Black F1 English Goldendoodle. She is an offspring of Sushi & Max. She is a snuggle bear, loves to be near her humans, listens well and learns very fast.  She is one of our future Dams and will primarily produce F1b & F2 Goldendoodles.


Meet Stella

Stella is a cute little AKC English Golden Retriever, she loves to be held, she never leaves your side when you go outside with her,  She also loves to run and play outside! She is our newest member to our family! Sugar & Sushi are loving the new puppy at the house, they all have quite a unique relationship together. Stella has a wonderful temperament so far and is great around children and our other dogs & cats around the property! We love her so much!


Meet Blue

Blue is an English Golden Retriever and is a gentle giant who thinks he’s a lap dog. He will always greet you with a big ole lick and patiently wait for his head pat. Blue loves to run and play outside. you can always find him following our boys around the yard!



We love our puppy!! He is a beautiful English golden retriever! Sushi’s was very good about keeping us updated with pictures and videos as they grew! They are very helpful and make sure you are satisfied! We are so excited to see what our puppy will grow up to be! 

-The Davis Family

Getting one of Sushi’s Goldens has been great from the first contact, to picking up our puppy. Evan was responsive and very helpful to each contact we made. Being a little distance away it wasn’t possible to meet the puppies. Evan spent time observing them and helped pick the puppy with the perfect personality for our family. He sent pictures and videos frequently until it was time to bring our puppy home. We got the perfect puppy, in perfect condition! I would highly recommend Evan and Sushi’s Goldens to anyone looking to add a puppy to their home.

~ The Capparelli Family

We are the proud owners of Pepper!  She is quite the sweetheart to everyone she meets. She loves watching people especially if they’re mowing, riding a bike or pouring concrete.  She is definitely super smart and we expect training will only get better from here on out. 
As for Evan, if you adopt one of Sushi’s puppies you can expect prompt responses, plenty of pictures/videos and clear communication.  We wish him all the best in his new adventures with Sushi!

The Metzes

We couldn’t be happier with our new puppy, Ruby. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family and gets along with all of other animals (dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, etc.). It’s obvious that Evan worked with her because she’s very well-adjusted and was practically potty-trained when we picked her up. Ruby is the sweetest dog and loves to play and spend time outside exploring and running around. It was wonderful working with Sushi’s English Goldens, and we highly recommend them as breeders – great people and beautiful puppies.

– Lund Family

We got our puppy Cali from Sushi’s English Goldens. I can’t say enough of the owner (Evan) he went above and Beyond for us. Probably the easiest purchase we’ve ever made, it went so smooth our puppy is perfect and we are just in love. So if you’re looking for a golden doodle I would definitely go to Sushi’s English Goldens that’s the place where you should get your pups.

– The Constantinou Family

Knox has really been unbelievable. We are waiting for him to do “puppy things” and he really doesn’t. He holds his poop and pee all night every night. Has not had an accident. We play with him a lot outside, but he sleeps ALOT when we are indoors. (Which is great cuddle time). He follows me wherever I go. No leash, walks beside me and stops and sits when I stop. We are pretty blown away.

-Siefert Family

We’re so in love with our new English Goldendoodle. Rocky (previously Stark) is just the best. Evan could not have been nicer to work with. He was very responsive, open and helpful. He even sent us extra pictures and videos before we picked Rocky (Stark) up. Our puppy has been so sweet and everything we wanted. We highly recommend Sushi’s Goldens!

– The Block Family

Our family is so delighted with our darling pup from Sushi’s English Goldens. Violet is loving, playful and adorable. She is so well-adjusted and friendly. Everyone who meets her is amazed by her beautiful coloring and sweet personality. From the moment we picked her out, Evan sent us photos, videos and fun details about Violet. He was great to work with and provided a loving first home for all the puppies. We could not be more grateful for this special new addition to our family.

~The Visconsi Family

We had the great pleasure of working with Sushi’s Goldens and we could not recommend them enough if you’re looking for a four legged addition to your family! The communication was great throughout the whole process! Evan (Sushi’s Goldens) kept in touch constantly with pictures, videos, and updates until we were able to pick up our puppy! We could truly tell that the puppies were coming from such a thoughtful and caring family. We have only good things to say about our experience and are so in love with our little guy, Miller. We are so thankful to have been chosen to be his family!

-Andrew & Kate