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Meet Sushi: AKC English Golden Retriever (Embark Tested)

Sushi, the catalyst of it all, holds a special place in our hearts. Her unwavering loyalty and boundless love form the cornerstone of her remarkable personality. Sushi’s affectionate nature is exemplified by her fondness for giving hugs, an endearing trait that melts our hearts. She has displayed extraordinary acts of motherly care, fostering baby kittens with tender devotion, even if she did separate them from their biological mother. Additionally, she has graciously nurtured other puppies in need of extra attention, solidifying her reputation as an exceptional and nurturing mother figure. Sushi’s temperament is truly unparalleled, making her a one-of-a-kind companion. As the momma to our F1 English Goldendoodles and English Golden Retrievers, she encompasses the best qualities for both breeds, resulting in a truly remarkable and irreplaceable presence in our lives.

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Meet Sugar: AKC English Golden Retriever (Embark Tested)

Meet Sugar, a stunning English Golden Retriever who captures attention with her beauty and charm. Her warm and friendly nature makes her an instant favorite among everyone she meets. Sugar’s intelligence shines through in her ability to quickly grasp new concepts and commands, making her a joy to train and interact with. Not only does she excel in her interactions with humans, but she also displays remarkable compatibility with both dogs and cats, effortlessly showing a harmonious presence in our multi-pet household. The love we have for Sugar is immeasurable, as she brings immeasurable joy and happiness to our lives. Her presence is a constant reminder of the unconditional love and companionship that a remarkable dog like Sugar can provide. Sugar belongs to Evan, Heaven, Everleigh & Cherokee.

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Meet Stella: AKC English Golden Retriever (Embark Tested)

Allow us to introduce Stella, a dog with an unwavering loyalty that will melt your heart. She possesses a rare charm that keeps her by your side, never straying far. Stella’s captivating beauty is matched only by her sweet and affectionate nature. She embodies the epitome of a family dog, effortlessly enchanting everyone she encounters. Stella’s love knows no bounds, extending to children, other dogs, cats, and any living being that graces her presence. Her unique personality is a delightful addition to our homestead, bringing joy and a sense of completeness to our lives. Stella is truly a remarkable companion, offering an abundance of love and unwavering devotion to our family. Stella belongs to Evan, Heaven & Everleigh.

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Meet Onions: AKC English Golden Retriever (Embark Tested)

Meet Onions, our sweet, petite English Golden Retriever, Sugar’s daughter. She’s smart, loyal and always up for play. Onions mirrors her mom with her cute face and gorgeous white coat. She’s family through and through and loves to go for walks around our property as well as go for vehicle rides! We love her very much!

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onions sitting
English Cream Golden Retrieverand Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale in Great Lakes region Dog 1

Meet Ace: AKC English Golden Retriever, he is available for Stud services! please email us for more information.(Embark Tested)

Ace is a delightful boy with a distinctive blocky build that captures attention wherever he goes. His light-colored fur adds to his charming appearance, making him even more endearing. Ace’s personality is a beautiful mix of sweetness and shyness, making him an incredibly lovable companion. He craves affection and thoroughly enjoys receiving lots of pets and love from his human family. With his gentle and affectionate nature, Ace brings a sense of warmth and joy to anyone fortunate enough to spend time with him!

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Meet Malka: F1 English Goldendoodle(Embark Tested)

Prepare to be dazzled by Malka, whose vibrant personality is sure to brighten even the dullest of days! Like a snuggle bear, she craves close proximity to her beloved humans, seeking comfort and companionship at every opportunity. Malka’s attentive nature and quick learning abilities make her an absolute delight to train and interact with. As one of our cherished F1b English Goldendoodle mommas, she embodies the perfect fusion of English Golden Retriever and Poodle traits. Malka reigns supreme with the grace and charm befitting her name, “Queen” in Hebrew. Her presence adds an extra touch of pizazz to our lives, reminding us that every moment spent with her is a royal experience filled with love, warmth, and endless joy.

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Meet Yaffa: Blue Merle F1 English Goldendoodle (Embark Tested)

Yaffa, meaning “Beautiful” in Hebrew, effortlessly embodies intelligence and a knack for learning. Her sharp mind allows her to quickly grasp commands and respond obediently. Yaffa’s exceptional temperament further enhances her charm, as she effortlessly gets along with both humans and animals, forming instant connections. But what truly sets Yaffa apart is her incredibly amusing personality, ensuring that there is never a dull moment in her presence. Her zest for life is palpable as she joyfully sprints around outside, engaging in playful interactions with the children in the family. Yaffa’s love for adventure extends to her adoration for water, eagerly frolicking in the creek whenever the opportunity arises. Car rides are a source of excitement for her, always ready to embark on new journeys with an infectious enthusiasm. Yaffa brings an element of ease and liveliness to our lives, reminding us to embrace every moment with exuberance and an unwavering sense of fun.

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